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Sold Mustangs # 561-580

  Page 29 of a history of Mustangs previously listed for sale on NZMustang.com

FOR SALE: # 561

1968 Convertible (Withdrawn by NZMustang. No reply to emails)


Details: 1968 Mustang “Pony” Convertible, Presidential Blue (one of only 18 painted this way in 1968), 289 V8 2 barrel carb, automatic transmission. PS, PB (front disc), 2-tone blue vinyl interior. GT package. Engine and carb fully rebuilt in 2002 (includes hard seats on valves) , partial frame restoration in 2007.  A solid vehicle and an excellent driver that gets a lot of whistles every drive out. Files of completed work over the last 20 years go with the car.
Price:            US$22,500 ono
Listed:          5 May 2008
Withdrawn:  20 Dec 2008

FOR SALE: # 562

1969 428 Cobra Jet Shaker.

Details: 1969 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Shaker. This is a west coast car from new. The body is very clean ( no rust ever ). Recent quality repaint in it's factory colour of black jade. The engine has been rebuilt (cobra sump), gearbox is correct, rear axle is correct N case 31 spline with Tag. All the brakes and suspension are new, the interior is in good original condition. New tyres just fitted. Factory Shaker car. The car drives great , looks even better.
Asking Price: NZ $85,000
Listed:          10 May 2008
Sold:            15 Jan 2009

FOR SALE: # 563

1965 Coupe (Sold in 8 days)

Details: 1965 Mustang Coupe. C code, 302 with a T5 five speed, has been in NZ since 1989. Excellent condition inside and out, comes complete with original owners handbook and every receipt since original purchase new in California!, Black interior, Edelbrock performer RPM cam and intake, Edelbrock ACU-drive, 600 Holley, MSD ignition, MSD billet distributor, power steering, Shelby 4pot front disks, summit racing vacuum reserve, HPC coated headers, new high torque starter motor, front sway bar, new battery, new KYB shocks to front and rear, new king spring front, Monte Carlo bar, export brace, GT fog lights, retrofit 6 gauge instrument panel, new 17” American racing torque thrust two alloys with new nitrogen filled Hancock tyres all round, cobra leather steering wheel with aluminium column adapter, new clutch cable, has been well looked after always garaged and covered, all instruments in perfect working condition, and heater and demister works well which is a rarity in these cars, stereo concealed in glove box. Personalised plate negotiable, registered and warranted. I have receipts for over $20K for all the work which has been done. Also comes complete with a new GT rear valance with new backup lights and exhaust tips yet to be installed. This car runs perfectly and sounds as good as it looks with the added bonus of being a 5 speed its not thirsty on the gas!

Price:       NZ$35,000
Listed:     11 May 2008
Sold:       19 May 2008

FOR SALE: # 564

1967 Coupe (Withdrawn)

Details: 1967 Mustang Coupe. Really nice original Californian car. Built in San Jose and always in the SF Bay area. 289 V8 C code car with automatic transmission and power steering. Has the very hard to find interior decor group (deluxe interior) with brushed aluminium surfaces, centre console, roof console, fancy upholstery, moulded door panels. Also has exterior decor group with turn signal hood, wheel lip mouldings and pop open gas cap. Excellent body with Dark Moss Green paint but does need drivers side front floor (panel supplied) due to windscreen leak. Drives great!!!!

Price:             NZ$ 21,250
Listed:           17 May 2008
Withdrawn:   28 July 2008

FOR SALE: # 565

1965 Coupe (Sold)

Details: 1965 Coupe. This is a a factory A code 4 barrel / 4 speed car retrofitted with a 302 / 5 speed transmission combo. Also has disk brakes and twin exhaust system. This thing is fast!!!! Excellent Californian built car. Rust free - an excellent body. Factory poppy red with black interior. Has a rally pack - WOW. Interior is presentable but really needs re-do. Excellent car.

Price:       NZ$20,000 (Ex USA Landed and cleared in NZ)
Listed:     17 May 2008
Sold:       10 Sept 2008

FOR SALE: # 566

1966 Coupe (Sold)

Details: 1966 Mustang Coupe. 289 V8 C code car with automatic transmission, power steering and air conditioning. Californian car from day 1. Excellent body. Super straight, dry car. Engine rebuilt 10,000 miles ago. Original interior with steel surfaces painted exterior colour. Could do with some lov'n in this area. Nice styled steel wheels and raised lettering tyres. We just drove this car 100 miles on the freeway @70 MPH in early Californian summer heat with no issues.

Price:       NZ$ 19,850
Listed:     17 May 2008
Sold:       28 July 2008

FOR SALE: # 567

1969 Boss 302 (Sold)

Details: 1969 Boss 302. All factory original to the Marti report , C8-FE Block, close ratio top loader, 3.91-1 traction lock rear end , Rev limiter, Deluxe trim, This car has never been restored, 90 % original paint , 31,000 miles . The car goes even better than it looks .This is a very rare car and seldom do you see one for sale.
Sale Price:   Less than NZ$115,000
Listed:        10 May 2008
Sold:           5 Aug 2008

FOR SALE: # 568

1968 Coupe (Withdrawn, no interest)

Details: 1968 Coupe. NZ New imported in Feb 1968 with 20 miles on the clock.  I still have the original ownership papers .Door tag warranty number 8ROIC114202, 65AQ2A13M712W. Automatic, power steer, 289 2V V8, front disk brake, Meadow Lark Yellow exterior with 2-tone hood paint factory tint windows, push button AM Radio, black interior in the great condition (no rips, new front seat covers.) New mufflers just fitted, rust free, straight car. Chrome worn on front and rear bumpers .  77,845 miles. Also have black and white GT1968 PLATES, Fog lights installed but not working. Has had new suspension in an older restoration. Front sway bar, very original and in excellent condition, great driving car.

Price:           NZ$ 40,000 $38,000
Listed:         18 May 2008
Withdrawn: 1 Aug 2008

FOR SALE: # 569

1966 Convertible (Sold 2 weeks)

Details: 1966 Mustang Convertible. C Code car with automatic transmission, power steering, power top and console. Springtime Yellow with standard black interior. 116k original miles - Previous owner owned this car since 1976 and kept it garaged. In 1978 it was parked in his garage where he purchased new Ford front fenders and installed a new convertible top in preparation for paint. Work on the car ceased in ‘78 and aside from occasionally pulling it in and out of the garage he didn’t return to it again until last November. A new fuel tank with drain plug, fuel pump and front brakes have been installed to get the car road worthy so I could check everything out before I started the restoration, but a very ill granddaughter and our daughter’s mounting medical bills have forced this sale. I have driven the car about 350 miles so far and can say it drives very well. The trans will need a rebuild as it has a 2-3 shift delay with light throttle but shifts well under normal acceleration and goes directly into gear without delay. Engine runs good with no noises and the car goes down the road at any speed with no shakes, squeaks or rattles. The power steering is quiet and effortless. The power top works flawlessly, the top boot looks like new and the well liner looks good. All gauges and lights work except for the right front turn/park light - it needs a new housing. All glass is in good to excellent condition. Heater works well and there are no coolant leaks but there is an oil leak that looks to be a rear main seal. It leaves about a half a golf ball sized spot after driving a while and sitting overnight. Exhaust is stock and quiet. The interior is in remarkable condition and with some cleaning, a set of arm rest pads, an instrument cluster and carpet would show well at any local show. 4 1966 hubcaps with spinners - 3 matching centres and one that came off a Mustang but I don’t know what year. Rocker moldings are in good condition and included in the sale. There is rust in the lower rear quarters and some starting in the flares. Small bubbles are showing in the bottom corner of the driver’s door and the passengers door has rust-thru on the very bottom of the door but nothing on the outside. It will need both floor pans but the inner and outer wheel houses, drop off’s and frame rails all appear to be solid. In the condition it’s in right now I can honestly say that I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere, even with the transmission 2-3 delay. This car still has the original paper tag attached to one of the voltage regulator wires. It won’t take much to make this a nice car -  I was quoted US$5500 to have all the metal work done and complete color change by a professional Mustang-specific body shop.

Price:    $10,500 ono
Listed:  19 May 2008
Sold:    2 June 2008. 

FOR SALE: # 570

1970 Shelby GT350 (Sold in 1 week)

Details: 1970 Shelby Cobra GT 350. Genuine original Shelby in Grabber Blue, White interior, 62,000 miles, manual, numbers matching. Totally rust free vehicle with only minor paintwork touch-ups. Warranted and registered, this Shelby is in amazing condition. Would make an easy restoration project and a stunning example. Genuine enquires only
Price:       NZ$110,000. (and an absolute bargain!)
Listed:      19 May 2008
Sold :       26 May 2008

FOR SALE: # 571

1969 Mach 1 Restoration (Sold with days)


Details: 1969 MACH 1 "M" code. 1 Owner So. CAL. car. A/C; P/S; PDB; Fold Down rear seat; console; SUPER ORIGINAL- SUPER STRAIGHT. Original Paint still on car (what hasn't burned off that is)
Original Sheet metal. Original 351W 4v engine: the only thing done to it was one lifter was changed years ago. Never wrecked (except for a little tap in the rear tail lt. panel from a truck backing into it at low speed when parked. Parked since 1982. Original: radiator; engine; trans.; air cleaner; snorkel; heat riser; upholstery; wheels; Original Color: Winter Blue with blackout hood treatment. Real Mach 1 "63C" body style. Center wheel covers included (not in pics). I see lots of Mach 1's and I don't see too many in this original condition! 99% Rust Free: the only rust that I can find so far is one small area on the right rear quarter panel just behind the rear tire and at the bottom. Because of 3 flat tires I have not inspected the entire floor pans...the area that I could see looks very good. The fender aprons and shock towers are perfect. 
Price:    US$15,000
Listed:  25 May 2008
Sold:    31 May 2008

FOR SALE: # 572

1967 Fastback (Sold)

Details: 1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK. "A" code 289 4v car. P/S (missing pump & bracket). PDB; Fold Down rear seat. A/C car (missing under hood parts). Auto. Trans.. Original Door tag. Finned rear tail light. panel. Raven Black new paint job (done 1 year ago and has been sitting in the garage ever since).....it is a very expensive paint job done by a very established local paint shop. CA. rust free car- floorpans are perfect. All of the original interior is there except for the front section of the fold down rear seat. C

Asking Price: US$24,000
Listed:          25 May 2008
Updates:       June 2009

FOR SALE: # 573

1966 GT Coupe. (Sold)

Details: 1966 Ford Mustang factory GT Coupe4speed "A" code, Candy apple red, black interior, Racing seats, Disc Brakes. 289 engine. Runs and drives excellent! 103K miles,  Rust free CA. car- floorpans are perfect!

Price:       US$14,000
Listed:     25 May 2008
Sold:       Oct 2008

FOR SALE: # 574

1968 California Special (Sold)

Details: 1968 CALIFORNIA SPECIAL GT/CS. (only 4,118 were ever made!).....still has original paint on it!!! (yellow).....appears to be all original sheet metal and fibreglass!! appears to be Original engine;  PB; P/S;  "C" code 289 V8; the bottom of this car looks like a 1-2 year old car, the frame rails are perfect (not even dented!); there is a little exterior rust in some of the common areas (door corners, near back window, etc.);  Original Ca. black lic. plates still on car! California car from day one!  

Asking Price: US$13,000 
Listed:           25 May 2008
Sold:              June 2009

FOR SALE: # 575

1966 Convertible. (Withdrawn)

Details: 1966 Ford Mustang C code convertible. San Jose built, 289, auto, power steer, power top with glass back window, 4 pot front disc brakes, black pony trim, CD player, American racing wheels. Original caps & rims also. Rego & WOF, solid floors. Factory red car in good condition, must sell so bargain price for a top car.

Price:            NZ$45,000 ono
Listed:          26 May 2008
Withdrawn:  1 July 2008

FOR SALE: # 576

1965 Shelby GT350 Clone (Withdrawn by NZMustang- No reply to emails)

Details: 1965 Mustang Fastback Shelby GT350 4 speed Clone. What your looking at here is a Real clean super nice 1965 Mustang Fastback (C) code 4speed Cloned out really nice and to look like the Shelby GT350. This car is very straight and runs out very nice she is really a Great car all the way around. I can help you with the whole process of buying the car and getting shipping to you.

Asking Price:  US$25,000
Listed:           27 May 2008
Withdrawn:  20 Dec 2008

FOR SALE: # 577

1969 Mach 1  (Sold)

Details: 1969 Mach 1. I thought I was going to keep this car forever – a very regrettable sale.  Ex California car –Strong 351W with an Edelbrock performer, Holley, pro comp electronic dizzy, headers and flowmasters (sounds awesome), mild cam, electric fan, FMX transmission. Power steering and brakes with discs and drums. Interior is in excellent condition, Magnums, handles and drives beautifully – I get a lot of comments about the colour – its really striking – the only thing I would do if I kept it is fix a small bubble of rust below the back windscreen. The underside of the car is perfect – very tidy – no rust. Everything works – just jump in and drive. Its not a concourse car – it gets driven most weekends if it’s a nice day. Great on long trips.  Marti report available.
Sold for:  NZ $57,500
Listed:     1 June 2008
Sold:       1 July 2008 

FOR SALE: # 578

1970 Mach 1  (Withdrawn by NZMustang. No reply to emails)

Details: 1970 Mach 1.  Genuine Mach.  A.A - Disc brakes - magnum 500 wheels -rear spoiler -sport mirror option. Rim blow Steering wheel. Just in, more detail to come. F
Asking Price: US$17,500.
Listed:           2 June 2008
Withdrawn:  20 Dec 2008

FOR SALE: # 579

1967 Notchback (Withdrawn by NZMustang.. No reply to emails)

Details: 1967 Mustang notchback. 289 V8 with Holley 4 barrel carb. and C4 auto std. black interior. 68/69 wheels with US made Goodyear tyres.  Engine has Edelbrock Performer Cam and intake manifold, Extractors and twin exhaust system. Car has had a bare metal respray 4 years ago. Motor rebuilt and balanced, Gearbox rebuilt.  Colour is now galaxy blue. Pioneer Radio/CD and 6x9 speakers. New roof lining and all new rubbers fitted. KYB gas shocks all round. Car comes with personalised plates and fitted car cover.  We have moved to Australia but the car is still in NZ, and must be sold. My loss your gain.

Asking Price: NZ$23,900
Listed:          2 June 2008
Withdrawn:  20 Dec 2008

FOR SALE: # 580

1970 Boss 302  (Withdrawn by Owner)

Details: 1970 Boss 302. One of a kind documented "sales promotion vehicle”. Second owner, owned over 28 yrs. Featured in Mustang Monthly Feb 2004 "Best of the Bosses" issue as the best optioned Boss 302. This is a full numbers matching car with an original sticker price of nearly 5k. Factory installed options include: Lime metallic paint (code G), Deluxe ginger decor interior with blazer stripped cloth seats (code cf), Sport deck rear seat, Rear deck spoiler, Shaker, Sport Slats, wide ratio trans, Traction-lock Differential with optional 3.91 gears (code V) with engine oil cooler (drag pack), Convenience check group (auto seatback release, head lamp on alarm, map light, trunk light, glove box light). Electric clock (round), floor console, power steering with cooler, AM/FM stereo, Decor group, tinted glass, Heavy duty battery, deluxe seat belts w/ warning lamp, tachometer w/trip odometer, magnum 500 wheels. Dealer installed: Koni shocks, one piece export brace, Ford muscle parts steel bellhousing, hood locks (Mach 1 style), Ultra rare aluminium gated "T" OIL PAN W/boss 302 script .  Owner installed: Floor console gauge pod, K&N air filter, urethane sway bar end-link bushings front and rear.
This car is a very well maintained survivor/driver. It has all its original Boss specific parts that are extremely hard to find these days. The only thing missing is the air pump set up. The original 39 year old paint and interior still look great . The body is 99.9% rust free with only two penny sized spots on the passenger side rear quarter. The chrome and bright work is mint. The original engine was treated to a full balance and blueprint rebuild back in 1984 to repair the known piston skirt cracking problem. The engine has all its correct dated items (carb, distributer, fuel pump, etc.). It still retains the original factory exhaust and factory applied undercoating. Runs and drives like a dream. This car is a true unique conversation piece and if restored correctly will be an incredible investment. Included with sale will be the complete documentation package which includes: Build sheet, Eminger report, deluxe Marti report, window sticker copy, warranty card, metal engine build tag, carburettor tag, Ford 999 report and additional related paperwork. Also included is NOS stripe kit , NOS door weather stripping, and 10 yards of NOS stripped cloth that Ford used on the seat inserts. 

Price:             US$72,000. Priced to sell.
Listed:            6 June 2008
Withdrawn:  15 May 2009