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  Auckland Club Past Events 2007


Plan B Christmas Party – 9th December 2007 

The long awaited Children’s Christmas Party at Omana Regional Park had to have a change of venue (at the last minute) due to strong winds and heavy rain.  So a quick call on the Sunday morning to the North Pole with redirections for Santa and the “Plan B” Christmas Party roared into action at Wayne and Barbara’s property in Drury.    Most of the AMOCers met at the prearranged site (Highbrook).  From there it was a quick trip down the Southern Motorway (although one red convertible did take the North bound on ramp -Ooppss!).

There were 30+ Mustangs (and some honorary ones) parked  all over Wayne’s property. 

The children were not disappointed with fun on the “Bouncy Castles”.  The weather behaved itself and remained fine for the day. Everyone soon had themselves organised and the BBQ was fired up, ably manned by Wayne, David and President Ken. The lunch consisted of  all the meats, salads, breads and the necessary condiments - scrumptious!  Then it was time for Santa to arrive in his (there’s that red convertible again) sleigh laden with presents for every child in attendance. The looks on their faces were priceless.

A  fabulous day for meeting new and old members and simply relaxing over a glass or three. A  big thanks must go to Wayne and Barbara who’s place we invaded on mass and of course a huge thank you to Mr Claus and his very efficient helpers for making that special appearance. 


Thunder in the Park- 2nd December 2007 

Sunday 2nd December had 24 members, and a guest from the BOP Mustang Club, meeting at the BP Truckstop at Bombay by 8:30am.  From there it was only a short drive to Pukekohe raceway.  The area to the back of “FORD” mountain was reserved for the car clubs. There certainly was some impressive machines on display.  The race programme for the day included Muscle cars, Super Sedans, OSCA’s, Pre-65’s Minis, Formula First’s, Super GT’s to name but a few.  During the lunch break there were Drift cars on the track to entertain.  The day was full on.

Lots of exciting racing to thrill the crowd.  In the afternoon the sky did threaten to become “Thunder In The Park” - fortunately the weather  held off, at least until the last race.  A great day!


Clevedon Farmers Markets - 18th November 2007 

We gathered at a new meeting point in Highbrook, the new industrial area in East Tamaki. Easy to find and plenty of parking on a Sunday morning.  Weather was lovely and about 30 cars gathered including a good number of new vehicles and new members, plus a few “old faces” surfacing for the summer.  This had been widely advertised as a “numbers needed” event to warn the Clevedon Pub catering department of how many people would be dining. There was a degree of concern amongst management when the numbers that turned up far exceeded the number who had responded. Anyway a quick show of hands and a call to the pub resolved that issue.

The drive through the Whitford country region was very pleasant and because of light traffic the convoy was able to remain fairly intact all the way to Clevedon. It’s always more fun seeing a Muzzy in front and one in the mirror.   This really was one of the first pleasant “top down” events of the season.  Plenty of dedicated parking was available for us on the sports ground at Clevedon and the Muzzys looked fantastic in the sunshine. The cars certainly provided an added attraction for the kids (and Dads) who had been coaxed down to the market.

For the “Foodies” or just the “Consumers” amongst us there was some rather attractive (and I am told tasty) treats on offer at the good number of stalls selling natural and organic type produce.  It was a lovely atmosphere and a steady stream of punters admiring and enquiring about details of the cars.

From the market it was a short drive to the Clevedon Hotel (currently for sale if you have always wanted to own a pub) and there was a nice buffet meal provided and we hardly made a dent in the large quantity of food available.  One of the ladies had expected Clevedon Oysters to be on the menu (apparently they are a real delicacy) and after making a bit of a fuss she was rewarded with a very large tray of raw oysters. Since most folk had by this time consumed 2 helpings of main plus a desert, most of the oysters were consumed by the said lady, who shall remain nameless. (no doubt Ian had a good time later on that night ………oops).

Lance carried the wooden spoon around all day looking closely for a reason to pass it on but alas there were no notable misdemeanors.

A great day out in the sun supported by a large contingent of members – great stuff!! 


Drags at Meremere - 10th November 2007 

On an invitation from the “Tickford Club”, AMOC went to the Drags.  The crowds were not large but the weather was great—sun was shinning and with the smell of petrol fumes and rubber everywhere, the club hit the track.  As the meeting was DYO, nobody is really saying what their times were.  Towards the end of the meeting passengers were permitted into the cars so they could get an appreciation of doing the quarter mile. Excellent stuff !!! 


Kaukapakapa  – 4th November 2007 

The annual run to the Public Display at the Kaukapakapa Hotel had all the promise of previous years, with street rods, bikes, vintage and classic cars.  The hardy souls from AMOC, along with some new faces, all met at Westgate carpark (North Western Motorway), on the Saturday morning and led by Ian Herring, headed off on an idyllic jaunt through the back roads of Kumeu and Helensville.  Apparently there is some very impressive real estate in this area, as the convey soon discovered inadvertently. One must concentrate on what car you should be following!  Eventually, everyone arrived and true to their word, there was a huge selection of cars and bikes on display.  The band played, making it a great family atmosphere.  Unfortunately, the heavens opened up and by afternoon down came the rain.  A large number of cars left, some having to be towed out.  Hopefully next year the sun will shine all day! A great event.


National Mustang Convention  – Labour Weekend October 2007

Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

Thursday was a day for preparation. Between rain showers many of us managed admirably, but how far do you go when the outlook for our drive to Hamilton the next day was touch and go (weather wise)? History will tell us that the day was fine although a bitter wind. Many of us met on the Bombay’s and set off in convoy about 10.30am (20 plus cars) for what was to be an incredibly memorable and rewarding weekend. Under clear skies we groomed our cars during the Friday afternoon and mixed and mingled with some terrific people from other clubs. And yes, our first dose of sunburn! Well, for the writer any way. On went the car cover (about 50% of the cars were protected in this manner) that night and we tucked down to bed after enjoying each others company over a drink. The security firm was highly motivated to protect our cars. Three burly individuals could not remove their smiles given what they were protecting. By my calculation - $7m - $8m worth of pure gold (in other words – mustangs!). But who is counting the dollars.

Auckland was the first club to enter the display arena, at Claudelands Event Centre, Saturday morning – 7.30am to be precise. Under clear skies, but again very cold. The main thing – it was fine! Two hours to add the final touches to our grooming and we stood back and soaked up the atmosphere. What a task for the judges. You would not envy them. Mind you, they saw each model close up. Would there be any greater pleasure in life (apart from test driving each one – now that is a thought!)? The crowds arrived – and I mean crowds. Well done Hamilton. Clearly brilliantly promoted. In the meantime, Sunday evening was going to be a long time to wait for the outcomes. Dinner together on the Saturday night – and would you believe it - rain falling. Not to worry – the main reason for being there was over so a bit of moisture would do no harm. Sunday saw approx 100 cars take off in a convoy touring the Waikato. Beautiful countryside – wonderful roads for cruising – almost totally divorce from other cars. I almost thought it was a closed road event. Now wouldn’t that be something! Eventually we stopped at Kairapo to admire the scenery, the cars and to enjoy the company. Thirty minutes later – away again and eventually ending up at the quaint Matangi Museum. Talk about old sporting memorabilia. A tasty little packaged lunch, a walk through the complex, competitive rounds of tug of war (the men’s teams hopeless!, girls did OK) and back home to groom ourselves for the formal night. And what a tremendous sight at 6pm. All of us decked out in bright orange tee-shirts with the word “Jaffas” (Just Another Friendly Ford Addict) across the front. Sensational! Mind you the small team from Kaukapakapa almost (or did they) outdo us. Their own version of local pride – along the lines of the KKK (of course referring to their district). Very clever. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and at 9pm the awards flowed. We did the club proud. Many trophies won – many in the runner up positions. And to crown the evening – the tremendous trophy linked to participation in the events. As Editors we enjoyed our first experience – may there be many more. To say we enjoyed the company is an under statement. So well done to everyone and a huge thank you again to Team Waikato –  we take our hats off to you all. Roll on Christchurch!!


Annual Car Show Diner and Presentation  – Saturday 13th October 2007

Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

The Annual Dinner and Car Show presentations were held on Saturday 13th October 2007, at the Club Rooms. 

The theme for the evening was “Stars of the 60’s” and the stars certainly turned out.  We had “Hippies” from way back, “KISS” came to entertain, Magnum PI was there (left the Ferrari at the estate), Hugh Hefner made an appearance, as did the Pink Panther and a friend, there was support from the Wild Wild West, and all problems were quickly handled by International Rescue.

The formal part of the evening began with speeches from our President Ken Smith and Gary McCrystal of the Corvette Car Club, and then our major car show sponsors—John Mawson representing Andrew Simms Mitsubishi and Peter Coombe from Swann Insurance.  Proceeds from the Car Show held on the 23rd September allowed the sum of $1,500.00  to be donated to the Epilepsy Assn of NZ. 

A splendid effort!.

Sam Shackelton  made a special presentation to Wayne Lack  - “Life Time Membership Award”, for his remarkable commitment to the club over all the years.  Very well deserved!!

This was followed by Neville Barton announcing the Trophy Winners


AMOC Day at the Movies  – Sunday 12th August 2007

Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

On Sunday morning the rain was fair persisting down, and even the 3 metre walk to the garage was somewhat damp – but with this being a booked event requiring confirmed numbers there was no turning back.

Assembly at Beaumont St was interesting when the line-up of cars included Dodges, Chevys and other Americana. No we weren’t at the wrong venue – the American Muscle Car Club was also meeting at the same spot. This was amusing for some of the members, who belong to both clubs, as they could have made a decision where they went at the first turning. Much good-natured humour ensued, but I have to say AMOC left the Muscle Car Club in their dust. Well that just means we left first – and there sure wasn’t any dust on that day – water water everywhere.

Another time when a fully functional demister would be a very useful safety device.

Nine MUSTANGs and a couple of other makes left Beaumont St and headed over the bridge to Oteha Valley Rd, where a regroup was held, by which time the torrential rain had abated. Off through Albany and then through Riverhead (always a nice drive) to Westgate. Down the motorway to Patiki Rd then through to the movie venue in Avondale. Despite the weather it was a pleasant drive and there were no mishaps or chances to allocate the wooden spoon or breakdown trophy.

The movie venue is an interesting collection of old buildings and memorabilia on a large site in Riversdale Rd Avondale. I was there about 7 years ago and I have to say not much progress has been made since then!! Great potential but a hell of a lot of work to do.

We were joined by a couple more “jappas” who went directly to the venue giving about 30 – 35 people in total.

The roast lunch was beautiful – nothing flash – just a good honest feed, and by the number of folk seen having return helpings, I doubt much dinner was needed that night. Some even went on to have ice creams and jaffas. Just as well Mustangs were built to accommodate American frames.

We chose a comedy called The Tuxedo staring Jackie Chan, which was light and entertaining. Just the thing for a post lunch relax.

A very enjoyable day all round and one that could easily be repeated. Another roast could easily be downed and with a different movie it wouldn’t seem like a repeat event and at $20 for feed and movie it is excellent value.


AMOC Quiz Night  – Wednesday 1st August 2007

 Once again the club ran a very successful quiz night that was designed to find the most knowledgeable Auckland Mustang Club member on all things Mustang.   There were prizes on offer worth over $500.00 for the winning team.    The eventual winner received an:

Exact Detail SERIES 1965 SHELBY – R MUSTANG COLLECTABLE, 1:18th Scale

as raced by Shelby expert Rick Kopec.

Complete with Certificate signed by Carroll Shelby and numbered 342 of 2502 manufactured. Valued at over $200.00.

The five runner-ups from the same team received Mustang books valued at over $60.00 each.

 The members of the meeting were divided into 6 teams of six members who all faced 45 questions, all Mustang based.   Some of the questions had a simple 3 choice answer, others had some very obvious answers and others were much more difficult.   El Presidente was open to bribes and his word was deemed as being final should any disputes require managing.

 The six teams and their results were: Santa’s 15, Mickey Mouse 20, Far Canals 24, Mad Mustangers 26, Sam’s Team 27, and the 69ers achieved 31 points out of the 45 total.

The winning team: 69ers (Wayne Lack, Arthur Wilkinson, Nellie & Kevin Bender, John DeVere-Ellery and Ross Walker) were then split up and then presented with another 5 separate questions to determine the final winner.

 Congratulations to Ross Walker, the winner of the Rick Kopec 1965 Shelby-R

& holder of the 2007-2008 bragging rights on anything Mustang.


Henry Ford Day – Sunday 29th July 2007

Article by David Aucamp

It was raining. It was miserable. Ah!, an Auckland winter’s day!  It was too wet to mow the lawns, so what else could/would a good Mustang owner do? Head south of course.   Five hardy souls driving Mustangs arrived at the usual meeting place – the BP truck stop on the Bombay’s, around 8:30am.

The rain was heavy – too heavy for one red ’66 (no names).   After assessing the situation, and having used all the old (but clean!) nappies available to keep the windscreen clear, Paul and Margaret (oops!!) headed home to a warm fire and out of the rain.

The 4 remaining AMOC Mustangs headed south for Hamilton.

Henry would have been impressed. A few puddles and torrential rain wouldn’t have stopped Henry.  He was a man made of tough stuff!  (it snows in Michigan!)

Arriving in Hamilton, the Aucklander’s were impressed by the turnout.  It was still raining and the puddles were still big. There were approx 100 cars on show and Mr Ford was remembered in a fitting way. Although the display was good, you can only have so much of a good thing, and with the rain getting even heavier, at 11:30am the call was made – pull the pin and head back to the winterless north. (yeah right!)

The rain persisted all the way north through the beautiful green pastures (and puddles) of the Waikato, but……...as the four Mustangs crested the Bombay Hills, the beauty of Auckland unfolded before them in…………. SUNSHINE. Yes, it had stopped raining shortly after they left the truck stop that morning and remained a beautiful day (damn!).   So, maybe the red 66 had made a good decision after all!

Overall it was an enjoyable, but short day. It is a shame it happened in the middle of winter, but given the way the weather changes these days, it could be sunny and warm next year and more Mustangs can attend!


Kaiaua Fish & Chip run  – Sunday 24th June 2007

Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

The weather forecast was somewhat grim. The day dawned fine in contrast to what was anticipated. At 9.15am the decision was made – let’s join the convoy! Some 21 cars met at the traditional point – the BP Truck Stop on the Bombay's. Most visited the Wild Bean Cafe and chatted with fellow members whilst consuming coffees/hot chocolate under blue skies for some 30/40 minutes. Under instruction from our esteemed president to start our engines we spent almost ten minutes exiting the car park and forming up on the other side of the motor way in readiness for a true convoy to Kaiaua. The weather continued to hold and we made excellent time with basically all 21 cars in convoy for the entire journey. As we approached our destination we were somewhat surprised to see a small convoy (two cars) heading in the direction we were arriving from. A break away group?  Or perhaps Mr Herring showing signs of panic (did he have the right day!!) as he arrived at Kaiaua under his own steam and wondered after several minutes why no one else was there. His was the search party!

A split in the ranks as some dined in the hotel and others chose to eat out of paper. The fish and chips were truly wonderful, best we have eaten in a long time. And what a sight with 23 pristine mustangs lined up in the car park with other visitors to the establishment wondering why they didn’t have to pay an entry fee to view. Apart from the odd car, we then ventured to Kawakawa Bay (departed 2pm) for the traditional ice cream. Again, a most impressive sight seeing a number of mustangs angle parked – and most of the owners around the corner helping themselves to a $2.20 double scoop ice-cream! And for those that had not quite finished their day – coffees and hot chocolates at Maraetai. It was at this point that we observed one of our more esteemed members driving his blue (with white stripes – no names!) mustang up and down the main street of Maraetai with young people enjoying the occasion ,sitting in his back seats.

Weather held (short of an odd shower). Another great event – good to open up the car on the roads on offer. Ours certainly seem to relish the freedom of no traffic lights! A definite annual event.


AMOC Annual Mini Golf Tournament – Sunday 10th June 2007

Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

Tiger Woods where are you ……

Sunday 10th June proved to be a very dismal day weather wise.  All grey and overcast, so it really was the perfect time to have a game of Jungle Golf.  A number of club members supported the annual event and from all the laughter and shrieks everyone seem to enjoy themselves.  There were a number  of “Holes In One” recorded and also a lot of missed shots, especially on the last hole. 

Final tally was:  Winner, with the lowest score—Blair Rundle.  Other scores of interest : Highest score was the  young lady pictured to the left.  Best score for a female was Vanessa Adams and highest score for a bloke was John Barker.

Everyone then adjourned to the Celius Bar, across the way for light refreshments.


Waitakere Estate – Sunday 20th May  2007

 Article  by Craig & Dianna Borland

 For Craig and I, this was our first “Club Run”, so it was very exciting to see a good turn out of cars (approx 16) at the pre arranged venue in Penrose on Sunday morning. The weather was cloudy, but that didn’t deter anyone. 

From Penrose we headed towards the motorways and west to Waitakere Estate. Nobody got lost.  If you haven’t been to Waitakere Estate then you are truly missing out on some magnificent views of Auckland city and the Gulf.  The estate, on Auckland’s Scenic Drive is perched at 800ft (240m) above sea level on a ridge in the centre of 70 acres (28 hectares) of native forest.

Parking proved to be a little “tight” especially when you want to have all of Mr Ford’s beauties together, and the narrow ramp to the upper level of the carpark was certainly taken at a very slow pace for one particular 69’ Mach 1.

 The Brunch menu offered a selection of two courses, which were all very yummy, along with tea and coffee and was served in a private dining room, which again offered us fabulous views.

Thanks again to Blair and Caroline for the organisation of this event and in Caroline’s words “It was a bloody good outing”