Waikato Mustang Owners Club



The Waikato Mustang Owners Club was formed on 9th July 1975 at a meeting of interested owners at Gary Keith Motors showroom.
12 people attended and formed the club. For an outline of the club's first 25 year history, click here

Today the club has around 180 members who own 146 Mustangs. Our members live throughout the Waikato and own a variety of Mustangs ranging from 1964 1/2 to the newest models.
Almost all models are represented.
To see some pictures of Hamilton club cars, click here.

The 2015 Car of the Year: Kevin and Margaret Mold
The club publishes its magazine, Pony Tales, 2 monthly. 

Club Info last updated September 2018

Official Name Home Phone Mobile Phone Email
President Lee Mahoney 07 2816091 027 8486783 mahoneylee74@yahoo.com
Vice President Paul LeNormand None 027 548 8145 paul@impacttiling.co.nz
Treasurer Bob Hastie 07 8287867 027 4785912 bobhastie@xtra.co.nz
Secretary Stephanie Vercoe 07 8545774 0274 360666 svr@xtra.co.nz
Magazine Editor Dave Luke 07 8891904 021 726131 daveluke@outlook.com
Sheriff Colin Bates 07 8242030 021 331100 merilyn@leisureline.co.nz
Raffles Lee Mahoney As Above As Above As Above
Run Coordinators Bruce Finan 07 8506234 027 2490878 bruce@crosscountry.co.nz
  Steve Vercoe 07 8545774 027 4360666 svr@xtra.co.nz
  Terry Slattery 07 8845873 027 5306705 slattz@xtra.co.nz
Other Committee Members Bob Anderson 07 8896753 021 1188550 andersonbob1967@gmail.com
  Gus Old 07 5440815 027 244 1917 orsomtrust@xtra.co.nz
  Kevin Wade 07 8846784 027 910 6031 wadecontractors@xtra.co.nz
  Bruce Shaw 07 3776117 021 192 0153 bruce.shaw@gmail.com
  Terry Slattery As Above As Above As Above
  Steve Vercoe As Above As Above As Above
Postal Address Waikato Mustang Owners Club, 841A Hakarimata Rd RD1 Huntly 3771


Official Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/931582766896853/
Facebook Car Registry: www.facebook.com/groups/1121173284592246/
Official Website: www.nzmustang.com/Clubs/Waikato.htm


Club Caps $15:00   Window Stickers $5:00    Window banners $20.00    Jackets $175
To purchase Contact:  Bob Hastie

So, have you brought a Mustang lately?  Would you like to join a group of great people, cruise and have a fun time (check out our coming events link at the top of the page). 
If so, download an application form to join the club, by clicking the following link:
  Membership form (pdf)

Once completed, mail it to us or better still come on a run and hand it over personally, or come to one of our monthly meetings.   
 Second Wednesday night of each month (excluding January), at 7.30pm at the Town and Country Club Thames Street Morrinsville.