National Convention 2002 

The 23rd National Mustang Convention was hosted by the Waikato Mustang Owners Club in Hamilton on 25-28th Oct 2002.  88 cars and 156 people were listed as registered, although final turnout was nearer 100 cars. Two people attended from the NSW Mustang club.


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Note: All Photos by Wal Marshall, unless otherwise marked.

Thursday/Friday Registration

The convention was headquartered at the Hamilton Quality Hotel, and the facilities and rooms were excellent and spacious. The Convention officially began with registration on Friday night, although many members from especially from down south had arrived the day before to ensure their cars were well prepared after the long trip north. As it turned out that was a wise move because while on Thursday the weather was near perfect, on Friday it turned more than mite damp. Just on midday as many cars were arriving the at the hotel the heavens opened and for a few minutes the hotel driveway looked more like a river than a car park! 

Conv2002-02.JPG (94450 bytes)   Conv2002-03.JPG (77589 bytes)

Fortunately the weather then took a turn for the better and by mid afternoon there were plenty of owners out washing and detailing their cars, and discussing issues of vital importance like whose car wiring caught fire on the way up, and whose transmission was leaking fluid, etc

   Annie1.JPG (65263 bytes) Annie2.JPG (76036 bytes) Annie3.JPG (60060 bytes) 

Annie4.JPG (60233 bytes)  Annie5.JPG (65057 bytes) 
Photos Annie Coster

By late afternoon the rain had came drizzling back, but no worries, time to grab some tea and off to registration for a beer and a catch up chat session with lots of old friends; nearly everyone had arrived by then.   

Saturday Car Show

Sure enough it had been raining again overnight and the cars without covers were wet-as. So after much towelling they were all dried off, and ready just in time for more rain!! The cars all headed out progressively from 6.30 to the show venue at Claudelands and those arriving wet were dried off again before being positioned for the show. The venue as you can imagine was a hive of preparation activity right up till the public were admitted at 10 am, and the judges began their rounds.

 Conv2002-05.JPG (127916 bytes)   Conv2002-04.JPG (145006 bytes)   Conv2002-06.JPG (122686 bytes)

judges.jpg (46403 bytes)
The esteemed judges

For car show pics of individual cars, click here

 Saturday Evening : Casino Evening (+ Rugby!)

After the show closed at 4 pm, the cars came storming back to the Quality Hotel and once more the car park was jammed with Mustangs, much to the amusement of other guests. On Saturday evening a casino evening was organised, but it had to compete for attention with the final of the MPC Rugby between Hamilton and Auckland. Hamilton practically came to a standstill for the game, and the streets were all but deserted. A giant frown settled on the faces of the locals later that night...

 Thefoodortherugby.jpg (46603 bytes)
Was it the food or the rugby....??
(Pic Jean Stutt)

 Sunday Motorkhana Event and River Cruise 

At 8.30 am on Sunday morning, a meeting of the five clubs was held (three members from each) to discuss the possible formation of a New Zealand Mustang club, and other issues. The minutes of this meeting can be found here.  

Two events had been organised for the Sunday morning 10 am start. Some cars and drivers headed out to the Waikato Polytech car park where drivers tested their skills around a network of cones. There was plenty of squealing and spinning of tires, and good news - the rain actually held off till the event was finished. 

   ricstalled.JPG (47302 bytes)    Conv2002-26.JPG (53038 bytes)  Rick2.jpg (58554 bytes)
Rick Lewis: Stalled & embarrassed (what is that funny third pedal is for?).. going for it..Rocking N rolling!
Pics by James O'Regan, Charmaine Scott, Keith Robinson

   waikatocaratmotokana.jpg (21852 bytes)                krivan.JPG (78113 bytes)
        A Waikato car picks through the cones.         Pete Krivan rockets round the course into 2nd place.
                         Pic Jean Stutt                                                     Pic Janes O'Regan                

bettridge.JPG (93800 bytes)               scott.robinson.JPG (63303 bytes) 
      Sue Bettridge heads for 3rd place and fastest lady      The Scott Robinson Mach 1 negotiates rubbish bin corner.
Both pics James O'Regan

Ron.JPG (45032 bytes) Viv.JPG (47021 bytes) James.JPG (48723 bytes)
Ron Johnson blasts into 1st place,           Viv Johnson testing Rob King's car,        Manawatu President James O'Regan
showing the young'uns how its done                Pics by Keith Robinson                                                                           

Meanwhile others had headed into town to take a cruise along the Waikato river on the Waipa Delta paddle steamer boat.

carsatschool.jpg (41927 bytes)   Auckgroup.jpg (16266 bytes)
Cars parked up while the owners go cruising.     Auckland group on Waipa Delta.
       Pic Jean Stutt.                                              Pic Ken Smith

Sunday Evening Prize Giving, Dinner and Dance

Sunday evening was of course the prize giving and dinner/dance. The event theme was "Halloween", and wow did that generate some great costumes!

 Conv2002-07.JPG (59209 bytes)   Conv2002-08.JPG (82098 bytes)    Conv2002-09.JPG (44770 bytes)    Conv2002-10.JPG (49456 bytes)
Doug & Sue Bettridge,      Auckland Club costumes,    Keith Robinson & Charmaine Scott,    Grim Reaper ...       

neville.jpg (14945 bytes)      doug.jpg (14476 bytes)     john.jpg (17535 bytes)
      Neville & Emma Barton           Doug and Anglea Scott      

Conv2002-11.JPG (91341 bytes)  Conv2002-12.JPG (70673 bytes)
Manawatu Club                            Waikato Club      

The first event of the evening was the prize giving and the overall results for each club are set out below. Individual results can be found here

Total Prize Pool by Club.
(Includes the Top Gun, Best Club & Individual Display, Peoples Choice, Awards)

Club Cars Registered Prizes
Auckland 35 21
Waikato 16 8
Taranaki 11 7
Manawatu 21 8
Canterbury 5 2

Manawatu Club cleaned up 1,2,3 on the three motorkhana driving skills prizes, and the dipstick award went to Wayne Bates who forgot to secure the battery in his car before testing the motorkhana course, resulting in a major short circuit and a spectacular cloud of smoke!

Conv2002-13.JPG (40707 bytes)    Conv2002-14.JPG (28945 bytes)     Conv2002-15.JPG (35459 bytes)     Conv2002-16.JPG (55343 bytes)
        Colin Bates                              Margaret Mold                                 ???               Ken Smith upset 
       & Ron Johnson                          presenting a trophy                                              at winning a prize   

aussievisitors.jpg (30656 bytes)            cake.jpg (33097 bytes)           Allthepresidentsmen.jpg (21613 bytes)
Aussie Visitors Eddie & Sharon Hadley               Cake                The club Presidents cut the cake
All three pics from Jean Stutt

After prize giving and the buffet dinner, a live band played popular music till well into the night ...

 excusememiss.jpg (46875 bytes)                                         witches.JPG (66395 bytes)
Watch where you put that hand ya bag of bones,                Not true that the Manawatu Women are    
 or you'll wear this broom! Pic Jean Stutt                         just a bunch of witches!. Pic James O'Regan


 Monday Morning Cruise and Farewells

After a relaxing lie-in Monday morning more than a few red eyes emerged to pack up the cars. The rain held off very well till the 10 am departure, when the convention fleet headed out of the car park for the last time for the convoy cruise through Hamilton to the Cossy Club.

  Conv2002-17.JPG (86544 bytes)
A  convoy of Stangs depart the Quality Hotel in light rain.

Cossie1.jpg (17380 bytes)   cossie2.jpg (17709 bytes)
Cars parked up outside the Cossie Club.
Pics Ken Smith

On arrival the cars were parked up and everyone was seated for the final speeches of thanks (one from each club president) and farewell, followed by an absolutely delicious farewell lunch. Lucky Brett Shackleton won a $100 in petrol vouchers.

groupatcossyclub.jpg (42118 bytes)  farewelllunchcossyclub.jpg (32888 bytes)  smilesfromwaikatomembers.jpg (32707 bytes)
      Cossie club group pic                        Farewell lunch,                 Waikato Club members.
                                                  Pics Archie Stutt.                    Whew its all over!

presidentsatcossyclub.jpg (33804 bytes)                 colinbatesfinalwords.jpg (25061 bytes)
          The 5 club Presidents       Farewell words from Colin Bates.
Pics Archie Stutt year's 2003 convention, is to be hosted by 
the Canterbury Mustang Owners Club in Christchurch.