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Draft Rules for Hosting Mustang Convention

During the past 2 conventions there has been an "executive meeting" of the NZ club presidents to discuss issues of national importance.  During meetings in 2002 and 2003 the issue of which clubs could host conventions and under what conditions was discussed and a set of draft conditions broadly agreed for discussion amongst the wider club membership.

The key issue was the request by the new Bay of Plenty and Southern Mustang clubs to be included in the convention hosting regime, along with the 5 longer established clubs. The Auckland club have now drafted up a detailed set of convention Hosting Rules, covering all key aspects of convention hosting, which they have sent to all the clubs for wider discussion amongst the club members.

The text of the draft Rules is set out below for convenient reading. However if you would like to print off a set of the draft rules I suggest you down-load either a MS Word version or better still a pdf version, as the formatting will be way better for printing.

If you have any comments or suggestions on improvements to the rules, please do not send them to me, but rather send them to your club president/secretary as appropriate, so your clubs overall views on the draft can be assembled and brought to the presidents meeting at convention 2004. 

Thanks, Wal Marshall


The following document was compiled by AMOC for consideration by all Mustang Club members: May 2004.



1.   To promote the ownership of Ford Mustang motor cars.

2.   To provide consistency in the organisation of the Annual National Convention

3.   To provide a framework that will enable all eligible clubs to sponsor a National Convention.


Any club within New Zealand formed with the purpose of promoting the ownership of the Ford Mustang motor car is eligible to host a national convention as agreed between the clubs, provided the applicant host club can meet the following conditions:


1. Be an Incorporated Society.

2. The club rules provide for the promotion and ownership of Ford Mustang motor cars exclusively.

3. The club must satisfy all clubs represented at the Presidents meeting that they have the financial ability to organise and run such an event and carry sufficient public liability insurance.

4. The club can show that their club has attended and participated in at least three of the past four national conventions.

Convention Rules:

1. The National Convention shall be held over Labour weekend each year commencing with registration on Friday night and ending with farewell lunch on the following Monday (Labour Day) and must have a Car Show as part of the weekend itinerary.

2. The car show shall be for the display Mustang cars only.

3. The President or nominated representative and one other shall attend a President's meeting to be held during the Show day over convention weekend.

4. The host club President shall chair the meeting.

5. A quorum for the Presidents meeting shall have representation from 3 clubs in addition to the host club.

6. The meeting shall have an agenda.

7. Clubs wishing matters to be discussed at the meeting shall notify the secretary of the host club for such items to be included in the agenda for the meeting. Each other eligible club secretary shall also be notified no later than July to enable discussion at club level prior to attendance at the Presidents meeting.

8. The Agenda shall contain the nominations from eligible clubs wishing to host a Convention at least two years in advance.

9. The host club secretary or other nominated and agreed person shall minute the meeting.

10. The minutes of the meeting shall be distributed to all eligible clubs within 1 month of the meeting.

11. Changes to these rules can only be made at Presidents meeting provided that all eligible clubs have had the opportunity to have input from their membership.

12. Changes to rules will be by simple majority.

13. The host club shall send entry forms to each eligible club by June of the year they are hosting the event and provide the costs of entry and accommodation.

14. Eligible Clubs shall circulate their members with the National Convention entry forms by July.

15. Entries for the National Convention shall close on 15 September.

16. Each Club shall nominate at least two judges and a scribe for the Car Show judging.

Classes for Judging:

The purpose of the show is to promote all models of Mustang therefore the classes need to be representative of each category.

The following classes shall be included for judging and prizes available for up to 3 in each class dependant upon the number of entries.

Only 1 class can be entered therefore owners whose car is eligible for entry of more than 1 category must nominate their choice of category on the entry form.


1964-1966      Notchback               1964-1966      Fastback             1964-1966      Convertible

1967-1968      Notchback               1967-1968      Fastback             1967-1968      Convertible

1969-1970      Sportsroof                1969-1970      Mach 1               1969-1970      Convertible

1971-1973      Sportsroof                1971-1973      Mach1                1971-1973      Convertible

1969-1973      Coupes and Grande

1974-1978      All models

1979-1981      Hatchback               1979-1981      Fastback

1982-1986      Coupe                     1982-1986      Convertible

1987-1993      Coupe                     1987-1993      Convertible

1994-1998      Coupe                     1994-1998      Convertible

1999-2004      Coupe                     1999-2004      Convertible

2005-Present Coupe                     2005-Present Convertible

Best GT:        1964-1969                1982-1993                                1994-Present

Best Boss

Best Shelby

Best Modified

Peoples Choice

Best Overall  CAR OF THE SHOW (Highest Points Awarded Overall)

Best Club Display


Judging of each category is done in paired judges. Points (No half points) are awarded as follows

Carpets                                             >10

Seats                                                >10

Dash including instruments                    >10

Hood linings/convertible top                   >10

Door panels and consoles                      >10

Molding/scuff plates                             >10

Cleanliness                                          >10

Maximum                                               70 points

BOOT CONDITION                       
Mat/carpet                                          >10

Spare wheel/jack assembly                     >10 (Retained in car)

Paint surfaces                                      >10

Cleanliness                                          >10

Maximum                                               40 points


Engine appearance                               >10

Wiring and battery                               >10

Hoses (all)                                          >10

Paint (excluding engine)                        >10

Cleanliness                                          >10

Maximum                                               50 points

WHEELS AND TYRES (Condition & cleanliness)

Outside wheels                                     >10

Inside wheels                                       >10

Tyres                                                 >10

Maximum                                               30 points


 Exhaust system                                   >10

Underseal                                            >10

Fuel/brake/transmission lines                   >10

Diff/gearbox                                         >10

Cleanliness                                           >10

Maximum                                               50 points


Panel work & alignment                        >20

Paint                                                >20

Cleanliness                                        >20

Maximum                                            60 points


Lights and lenses                                 >10

Moldings and chrome                           >10

Windows                                            >10

Weather stripping                                >10

Grill                                                    >10

Maximum                                               50 points

ORIGINALITY                          Maximum        40 Points

TOTAL MAXIMUM                                          390 POINTS