National Convention 2005


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The 26th National Mustang Convention was hosted by the Auckland Mustang Club in Auckland on 21-24th Oct 2005. 
 124 cars and 243 people registered, making it the largest NZ convention ever.

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Thursday/Friday Car Preparation & Registration

The convention was headquartered at the Waipuna Hotel.   Cars arrived throughout the two days and received their ritual cleaning and grooming for the Saturday show-day.  

The hard luck story of the drive up this year seemed to go to John Camm and Chris Stone. Following a 4WD around a bend they suddenly found themselves looking at substantial rock in the middle of the lane. The 4WD with its greater ground clearance straddled it successfully, but there was no way to stop it going under their 66 GT. It crashed under the car putting dents in the exhaust, driveshaft and holing the fuel tank, but miraculously missed the engine sump and the power steering hoses. The rock then flew out the back and right onto the bumper of Mike Hampton's Shelby GT500 following behind...inflicting a significant the previously perfect chrome-work......gurrrrrrr......

As Friday drew into night and the weather deteriorated, things were not looking at all promising for the morning.  It nearly always rains in Auckland over Labour weekend.  Registration kicked off around 7.00pm with most retiring to the bar to catch up with friends and watch the league test.

Taranaki Mustang Club Cars in Hotel Car Park:
(1966 Shelby GT 350 1st place 1971 Mach-1 3rd place: 1965 Fastback 2nd place: 1967 notchback 1st place)

Saturday Car Show

The morning started as Friday night finished with more of that Auckland liquid rain. A few keen owners were out early washing their cars in the rain before heading off to the Greenlane Expo centre. Cars started to arrive at the Expo centre from 6.30am with all cars in by 7.45am giving owners maximum time to spruce up their stangs before the judges donned their fluo jackets and the public arrived at 10.00am. Show car pics are here

Allan Moffat proved popular with the public and stang owners alike with numerous posters and model cars sold and personally signed by Allan on the day. Alan was blown away with Ashley and Rosina’s beautiful 69 Mach. He made a beeline for it after arriving to set-up his memorabilia at the show. Ashley was most impressed when Alan offered to buy it!

While the show was underway a number of delegates left the complex and headed off to either St Lukes or Dressmart malls for a little retail therapy "under cover". The weather cleared up in time for the drive back to the Waipuna.

 Saturday Evening

Saturday night was a casual affair with an early dinner at the Waipuna where a large screen had been set up to watch the NPC Final between Auckland and Otago. The lone piper (an Aucklander supporting the other team) was soon worn down by the Auckland try scoring machine and was hardly heard from in the second half.

 Sunday : Glenbrook Vintage Railway + Games

Oh Joy.. it was a sunny day!!

120 odd cars assembled Sunday morning at 9.00am at the Waipuna for the trip south to Glenbrook Vintage Railway. What a beautiful day for a Sunday drive. Many of the Auckland cars were labelled with an orange spots on their rear windows leading the way - the only time I have seen a group of Aucklander's happy to be called "Jaffa's". 

 Queuing ready to depart Waipuna,  Waiting to park at Glenbrook,            Parked!          


Sunday Evening Prize Giving, Dinner and Dance

Sunday evening was of course the prize giving and dinner/dance. The event theme was "Wild Wild West". Kevin Dyer from Hamilton won the dipstick award for arriving at the hotel on Friday night (after getting a speeding ticket) but without their luggage!!
They missed the car show on Saturday while they went back for it ;-)

It was great to see so many cowboy's and Indian's and salon girls were very popular for the ladies. Allan Moffat was the evenings guest speaker and spoke of his introduction into Mustangs and his time in the Coke Mustang in the Australian Touring Car championship - a very enjoyable tale. After the awards presentation (with many of the prize winners getting Allan Moffat to sign their trophies) Tom Sharplin and the Cadillacs Mustangs came on stage an entertained the group until the wee hours. As part of the awards presentation the GT Radial Allan Moffat full size poster and a Betty Boo Leather jacket were auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Leslie Lanthorpe with Alan Moffit, John & Peggy Barker, Jack & Jo Weir, Caroline & Blair (All AK)

TMC: Peter Rich (Preacher), Kerry Drake Chief. Rae Simpson (Cowboy)  + Maria ? (AK)

Monday Morning Breakfast and Farewells

The traditional cooked breakfast was very popular on Monday morning with queues out the door and the toast disappearing before it made it to the tables. After a quick word from each club, everyone departed for their home towns.

Prize Draws: Winners

These prizes were drawn at the breakfast on the Monday before everyone left to go home.

The winner of the Left Hand Drive Enthusiasts Federation free draw of a Mothers Wax attack Palm Polisher Kit was Jeff Waghorn from Kaiapoi. This prize has a retail value of $149.95.
A big thank you to Mothers for sponsoring this excellent prize on behalf of the Left Hand Drive Enthusiasts Federation. An excellent demonstration of this Mothers product was undertaken throughout the day of the car show. The LHDEF couriered Jeff's prize to him as he did not have enough room left in his Mustang to take it home himself!

The winner of the new Intruder Guard anti theft bollard was Roger Stigle from Auckland. This prize has a retail value of $389.00. Roger was very pleased to learn of his good fortune. A car enthusiast himself, Roger has decided to install the Intruder Guard in his home garage. Roger chose a white Intruder Guard and this has been couriered to him. Thank you to Intruder Guard Ltd for their sponsorship.


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