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The NEW 2005 FORD GT40


Read a road test on the production car here

Read a track test between a 2005 SRT10 Viper and the new 2005 GT40 here.

View a movie of the new GT40 circulating at high speed on a race track here.
(Windows media Movie, 3.5 MB, download time about 10 mins, but worth it!)

At the 2002 Detroit motor show Ford unveiled a new GT40, as a concept car. It caused a sensation, and soon after came the announcement that the car will go into production. 

Gt40-2.jpg (123476 bytes) 

Although the new GT40 looks very very similar to the original, in fact it is a completely new design and slightly bigger all round. In fact this new car should be called the GT44, because it is 44 inches tall compared with the original's ..you guessed it...40 inches! Also the new design is 18 inches (450 mm) longer than the original, and all this because extra space is needed to accommodate taller drivers. The original cars were famous for having a cockpit sized for drivers no taller than 5 ft! (Hence the bump in the roof over the drivers head so common in original GT40's)


The original car used honeycomb composite tubs for chassis construction, but the new car has an aluminium space frame, connected to modern wishbone suspension. The vehicle is powered by the new intercooled supercharged, four valve per cylinder, Ford 5.4 MOD V8, delivering over 500 hp and 500 ft/lb of torque, to a 6 speed manual transaxle. Top speed should be around 340 km/hr on 19 inch wheels and 285/45 tyres.

Gt40-5.JPG (69402 bytes)

The interior is fully modernised, yet retains enough period touches in the look of the instrumentation, switches and seats etc to evoke the period in which the original car was made.

Gt40-4.JPG (144265 bytes)

Final production details will likely differ somewhat from the three show cars built so far,  but ...whew..this really is a car to dream about owning....check out the extra photos below..

Gt40-3.jpg (90125 bytes)  Gt40-6.JPG (68918 bytes) Gt40-7.JPG (55433 bytes) Gt40-9.JPG (62844 bytes)

Gt40-10.JPG (43140 bytes) Gt40-8.JPG (96154 bytes)   Gt40-11.JPG (121731 bytes)

(All the photos on this page came from the February 2002 DRIVER Magazine).